May 2019

Smaltochimica renews its brand

In recent years, the Fiorano Modenese, Italy-based company Smaltochimica has completely renewed its portfolio of chemical additives for the ceramic industry with the aim of optimising production processes that have changed dramatically due to the growth of digital technologies.

The company, which already has ISO 14000 certification, has based its technical and commercial strategy on research into green products following the 2012 launch of its range of Nature eco-friendly additives. In particular, it has focused on solving issues of environmental pollution deriving from kiln emissions during firing. Amongst its most important products in recent years are the Digicol solvent- and water-based digital glues, a segment where Smaltochimica is the market leader. These glues are used by numerous ceramic companies and are popular for their ease of application and for their low environmental impact in terms of odorous and CO2 emissions.

The new lines of green products reflect Smaltochimica’s innovative capacity and the fact that even in a period of major change it has succeeded in maintaining the technical expertise and professionalism acquired over more than 40 years of operation in the Italian ceramic industry and in international markets. This development is also reflected in the recent restyling of the brand, which maintains the historic red flask symbol to emphasise the company’s links with the past while opting for a more modern and contemporary graphic style.