A new world of DIGITAL GLUES

Smaltochimica has been the first company in the world to offer and trade digital glues for ceramic decoration. Our know-how and technology are well established and leave no room for improvisation. DIGICOL glues are available in our catalogue and already used by numerous ceramic companies, guaranteeing results of absolute excellence.

A thorough range suitable for any need.

Digicol range is complete and available in four different types of glue, able to best meet any technical and aesthetic requirement in relation to eco-sustainable needs of companies. Our glues are classified as follows depending on their composition:

Organic glues

Only available in liquid form, they have considerable application advantages having been tested for a long time.

Inorganic Glues

Thanks to their long-lasting gluing capacity, they allow for any kind of graphic effect.

Eco-inorganic glues

They allow a lowering of aldehydes, main cause of bad smells due to ceramic combustion.

Water-based inorganic glues

They drastically reduce carbon emissions with consequent lower environmental impact.

Flexible application

Digicol glues guarantee high bonding capacity and perfect definition of details, lending themselves to various application solutions on any type of machinery. They are ideal for:

  • Glazing heads of different types and required viscosity layers
  • Every kind of ceramic surface
  • Different drying times
  • Different gluing capacities
  • Different levels of emission

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